8 Simple Ways to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

Are you looking for an alternative that can replace the regular cots and mattresses and which are portable at the same time are easy to maintain? Have you recently bought an air mattress and are wondering if they are worth the money spent? We have answers to all your questions. Stay with us till the end and unveil the wonders of an air mattress. 

Air mattress, also known as an air bed or mattresses, and as the name suggests, they are inflated with air. These mattresses are usually used when you have guests at home or when going on a camping trip. All that one needs to do is inflate the mattress to use it and then deflate it and store it when not in use. 

While air beds have improved in quality over the years, it still does not match a traditional bed’s comfort and support. A mattress plays an essential part in your sleep pattern. An uncomfortable mattress can make your sleep unhealthy. While air mattresses are usually a temporary solution, it must be made reliable and supportive to prevent any sleep issues.

8 ways to make an air mattress more comfortable

When you sleep on an air mattress, it could deflate and become firm after some time. Here are some hacks on how to make an air mattress more comfortable that will make your sleep on the air mattress cozy and comfy.

1. Make Sure Level of firmness

The amount of air-filled in the mattress has a crucial role in its firmness. If there is insufficient air in the mattress, then this makes it saggy. This, in turn, does not support body weight. On the other hand, if there is too much air in the mattress, this will make the mattress firm and very hard. In the worst case, it may even make a hole. The level of firmness decides on the comfort of the bed. 

2. Proper Bed sheets

The air mattress is a structure that is inflated to make a bed. The enclosed air gets warm when the weather is hot. Similarly, when the weather is cold, the air inside the mattress cools down. Proper bed sheets with mattress covers should be prepared to prevent any alterations in the temperature. Using proper bed sheets makes one feel comfortable due to the severe temperature changes. Especially, when we know, extreme temperature changes are usually the case during camping escapades. Using proper bed covers saves you from this trouble.

Also, ensure that the bed cover is spread evenly. Crumpled bed covers make it uneasy to sleep. Spreading them tightly to prevent any creases makes the sleep healthy.

3. Suitable Topper

Mattress toppers come in various qualities, and these are effective in creating a soothing atmosphere. There are microfiber, latex, and cluster fiber toppers available in the market. The topper needs to be placed between the mattress and the sheet to offer a comfortable sleeping surface. Using toppers helps to prevent back pain. Back pain is usually caused when there are sagging pads. Using average thickness toppers helps to avoid any kind of issues of back pain.

The top velvet does feel soft, but it does not offer the thickness. Adding a topper or a padded surface can help make the air mattress feel plush and is a must to sleep comfortably on the bed. If the budget is a constraint, you may also use items lying around your home like a thick blanket or a sleeping bag to provide cushiness.

4. Right Pillow

Like on a traditional mattress, you need a pillow even if you sleep on an air mattress. A proper pillow helps keep the spine straight and aligned and prevents any pain in the neck. A right pillow also helps to avoid headaches. Those who suffer from back aches should use body pillows. Firm and thick pillows work well for those who sleep on their side. Soft pillows are usually preferred by those who sleep on their stomach. The option of filling in the pillow is endless. There is memory foam, down feathers, and many more. The possibilities are endless.

Along with pillows of varied materials, you can also throw in pillows of various colors to make the sleeping area vibrant. Surrounding yourself with pillows of different shapes and sizes improves the sleep pattern.

5. Box spring Matters

Box springs help to increase the comfort of an air bed. It also helps the one who sleeps on it to get out of the bed quickly and without putting in a lot of effort. Box spring increases the height and, in turn, enhances the quality of your sleep. Box spring is something that you should take advantage of, and it indeed is pretty convenient when using an air mattress.

6. Needed Headboard

The headboard is usually a feature that gets overlooked, but it is something that you should consider when you have an air mattress. Push the air mattress against a wall or a sofa, which gives a comfortable place to lean on to. It also offers protection for the pillows and does not let it fall off.

7. Must be On a Flat Surface

If you or your guest sleeps on an air mattress and complains of back pain, then the mattress must not have been placed on a flat surface. Air mattresses do not work well on hard surfaces. Place the mattress on a flat surface like a carpet, which will help maintain pressure and improve sleep quality.

8. Create a sleeping environment

Create an atmosphere that makes you feel peaceful. When sleeping on an air mattress, adding some finishing touches like a blanket or a headboard to make it cozier helps. Adding a bedside lamp and spraying some soothing fragrance, makes it relaxing and gives you a good night’s sleep even on an air mattress.

how to make an air mattress more comfortable


An air bed can be attuned to fit into one’s requirements and offers a comfortable and healthy sleeping solution. Air beds, however, should be used only for temporary use, and these are not capable of providing long-term sleep support and comfort. 

Air beds are perfect to have in your guests’ bedroom. And you can add various accessories to make you feel relaxed too. Following the 8 steps above will ensure that the air bed is cool, supportive, and comfortable. The best part about air beds is that they are pretty affordable and portable, making them worth the value for money spent on a mattress.

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