How to Fluff a Bamboo Pillow? Only Two Easy Ways

Bamboo pillows are undoubtedly one of the best options you will find in the market. These pillows are known to fight germs and bacteria with ease and are generally fluffier than your regular pillows. If you are someone looking for a bamboo pillow or have already purchased one and are looking to fluff it up, then you have definitely come to the right place!

When should we fluff our bamboo pillow?

Bamboo pillows come with the softest fabrics and are packed with pillow covers made from bamboo that have been broken down into fibers and then spun into yarns. These happen to be antimicrobial and hypoallergenic in nature and are great for people dealing with asthma, lung issues, and allergies.

A bamboo vase usually offers you great comfort along with temperature regulations. A bamboo pillow’s filling usually comprises memory foam, which requires regular fluffing. While memory foam has an array of benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Whenever you see your pillow and think, “my bamboo pillow is hardor “my bamboo pillow is lumpy” or “my bamboo pillow is flat,” you should attempt to fluff your pillow up!

Note that you should attempt to fluff your pillows regularly to let compression pass through it when you sleep on the same. It would be best if you ideally give your pillow a toss before sleeping on it or after waking up to keep it fluffy. If you happen to live in a more humid environment, you will likely notice that your pillow would flatten quickly over time. In that case, you should use a dryer on your pillow or simply soak it under the sun. This will help you keep your pillow fluffy and free from any harmful allergens that might cause you discomfort.

How to fluff a bamboo pillow?

Most people usually fluff their pillows the usual way now and then. But, with bamboo pillows, the case is a bit different. Due to the materials, it comprises, the method is slightly different and requires a few extra contributions thanks to the heavy material. You need to ensure that the materials within are separated nicely enough to give your pillow the fluff it needs.

Fluff a bamboo pillow by hands

Fluffing your pillow by hand is the easiest way to get it done. Though fluffing a bamboo pillow might take you some extra effort, but it is worth going the extra mile. The following steps would help you get it right:

1. Shake your pillow nicely

As your bamboo pillow is filled with memory foam, you should ideally start with a good shake. This would help the memory foam inside to separate nicely rather than pushing against each other. This way, there will be more space between the shreds and distribute evenly, especially if you have a soft fiber-like poly-fill in your shredded foam. 

2. Turn your pillow and punch it nicely

Once you are done shaking your pillow, turn it over and punch it up! Please imitate karate chop punches as this will separate the shreds inside even further. Punching your pillow will help these shreds redistribute and reshape in a new set up than the ones they were in previously.

3. Grab the short sides

Once you are done shaking and punching your pillow, grab the short ends, push and pull all the sides together. This movement affects all the shreds in your pillow and helps it expand to your liking with its airflow.

Fluff a bamboo pillow with a dryer

Once you unpack your bamboo pillow, you might get an off-gassing sort of odor that is likely going to go away within moments. You should know that this is totally normal as it has been wrapped for a long time. The smell is likely to dissipate after a few hours. In case it lasts longer than usual, you can either leave it under the sun or choose to expedite the process with the help of a dryer. 

In case you choose to go with your dryer, then the following steps would help:

1. Remove the casing

Most of the bamboo pillows come with external cases that are usually washable and dryable. Once you receive the pillow, be sure to remove the pillow case and wash and dry it separately.

2. Keep your pillow in the dryer along with dryer balls

In case you have dryer balls in your house, be sure to place them along with your pillow. Dryer balls help you to keep your items segregated and dry them more efficiently. They also happen to be a fantastic green alternative, and hence you should definitely use these while drying your pillow. 

You can also put in a few drops of any classic essential oil to get a sense of fresh laundry smell.

3. Tumble dry your pillow in low heat

You can then tumble dry your pillow along with dryer sheets for about ten to forty minutes, depending on how quickly it dries up. Ensure that you use a no heat or a low heat cycle to achieve the same. This entire process will segregate your pillow’s ingredients and allow airflow to happen, thus fluffing it up.

4. Hand plump your pillow after removal

You can put your pillow back in the case once you remove it from the dryer. Or try to hand plump your pillow and give it a little snug to fluff it up a notch further.

More tips for bamboo pillow instructions

Keep your bamboo pillow clean

It is essential to wash your bamboo pillows regularly to maintain hygiene. You can wash it at least once or twice a year or even quarterly. But, while you are at it, you must follow the original bamboo pillow instructions correctly to keep it from getting damaged. 

Some pillows might require washing while the others might not require it – pillow care all depends on the instructions it comes with. 

It is best not to wash your pillow as memory foam does not seem to absorb moisture very well. In fact, it will start to compress over time by breaking down the cellular structure of the materials inside. Hence, it is best if you do not wash your bamboo pillow until and unless it is totally required. In case you do, the following instructions should help you out.

For washing your pillow, you need mild soap, a basin, and a pillow drying rack so that your pillow’s shape is not compromised.

Hand-wash your pillow in lukewarm water with the mild soap and wash it gently to ensure that the detergent is distributed evenly all over its surface. Once you are done washing, rinse your pillow nicely to ensure no soap is left in it. You can then leave it on the dryer rack to air dry. You may also leave it under the sun as leaving it in a damp or humid environment can invite all kinds of harmful bacteria to your health.

How long should I fluff my bamboo pillow?

If you hand fluff your pillow, the process should take at least 3 to 5 minutes. Once it is done, you can keep it in a cool place for 1 to 2 hours daily to ensure that it fluffs up fully. If you want your bamboo pillow to reach the full loft, you should ideally wait for it to arrive in its entire loft, which should take approximately 24 hours.

When and how often should I opt for bamboo pillow replacement?

It would be best if you ideally changed your bamboo pillows every 1 to 2 years for the best results. You should also note that different sleeping positions call for additional requirements. If you are someone who happens to be hypo-allergic to dust, dust mites, and other such particles, you should change your pillow more often than usual. This would help you to keep yourself active and your pillow in great shape too.


Bamboo pillows are great for your health and comfort overall. When you buy a bamboo pillow, it is evident that you would want it to have a long life span. Hence, you must follow the instructions as mentioned earlier to keep it clean and fluffy. 

If you wish to take complete advantage of the comfort that your bamboo pillow offers, you should ensure to hand plump and dry it regularly. You should also ensure that you wash it whenever required and change it from time to time to keep making the most of it. In case you happen to be a rookie when it comes to bamboo pillows, this article will surely help you out with the basics of handling one. This is also applicable for every pillow that you use in the future!

If you think that you can spare the extra effort and that you would be able to maintain a bamboo pillow with utmost comfort and ease, then you should definitely go for it – all you need to do is ensure that you get the instructions right and follow them till the end!

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