5 Best Pillow For Watching TV In Bed (2021 Update)

What is your ideal way of spending your free time? Binge-watching your favorite movies and shows would be on top of your list, we are sure. One thing that can add to this pleasure is watching TV while lounging in your bed. However, it is not fun when you end up with neck pain. It could be due to the position you were watching the TV, which could have caused the neck or the back pain. Most often, it is the pillow that causes the problem. You can keep a pillow for supporting your back and use extra ones to prop you up, but if they are not providing the right kind of support and comfort, the full enjoyment of watching TV in your bed will be gone soon. So, toss your regular pillow aside and pick up a TV watching pillow, and have an enhanced TV watching experience. 

Why do we need a pillow for watching TV in bed?

If you think a pillow is a pillow, you need to understand that not all pillows are equal! For watching TV with maximum comfort and support, having a TV pillow for bed made explicitly for such a purpose is ideal. These are made to prevent any soreness in the neck and give ample support to the back, and some can even support the legs. You will get the best TV watching experience, apart from other activities like reading or using your mobile, while reclining with this pillow at your back. 

5 best pillows for watching TV in bed

When you decide to get a pillow for watching TV in bed, you only want the best! There is no point in getting a pillow only to end up with discomfort and soreness. We looked at different pillows and their features closely and presented a list of the top 5 with detailed reviews. 

1. Husband Pillow Detachable Removable Adjustable

Husband Pillow Detachable Removable Adjustable

Filled with premium memory foam and a plush micro-plush cover, this husband pillow offers the best comfort and support. This backrest pillow has many beautiful features and is an ideal option. It is sturdy and well designed to take your full weight and still retain its shape. 

Its shredded memory foam filling adapts to your body and offers good support. Big enough for people with bigger bodies, it is perfect for watching TV, lounging, reading, or just resting. The neck roll pillow can be detached or used in different positions according to your convenience. It can also be used under your knees for additional support.

Moreover, the pillow also has a side pocket as well as a back pocket. You can keep your glasses, mobile phones, etc., in the side pocket and the neck roll or magazines in the back pocket. You will find it easy to adjust or refill the foam because the zippers are reasonable and work smoothly.

Portability is another great advantage as it only weighs 9.1 pounds and has an in-built handle at the top. 

  • Comes with a 100-day 100 % money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty
  • Available in more than 12 colors. Extra covers can be bought
  • Premium quality material used in the making of this product
  • Quality is excellent, but it is slightly more expensive 

If you spend a lot of time in your bed lounging around, either reading or watching TV, then this pillow is a must for you. Made with the best-shredded memory foam, it offers good support without being too hard on your back. 

2. Vekkia Premium Soft Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

Vekkia Premium Soft Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

If you like good things in life, then the Vekkia Premium TV watching pillow could be a good choice. It has a luxurious feel to it because of the velvet outer cover. This pillow is so comfortable and snuggly that you will get a feeling of being hugged by a loved one. 

The filling in this pillow is a mix of memory foam and ordinary foam. It works well to give you a combination of comfort and support. You can use it while watching TV in bed or reading a book, or even take it with you to the living room. 

The soft velvet cover can be removed thanks easily to the hidden, smooth zippers. You also get 200 grams of extra foam with the product. You can either remove or add foam to make it more comfortable. 

There are zippers on the inner shell as well, and adding or adjusting the foam is easy. Cleaning is also easy as you can wash the cover in the washing machine. Its arms give you support when you are reading a book or using a laptop. 

  • Excellent support for the back and spine
  • Detachable neck pillow for convenience
  • Shipped in compressed form and takes a few minutes to inflate fully
  • Arms are a bit on the shorter side

Stylish and comfortable, the Vekkia pillow is an ideal choice for people looking for a TV watching pillow. Its velvet cover adds a touch of class and, at the same time, is easy to clean & maintain. The product comes with a guarantee and offers excellent 24/7 customer service. 

3. Milliard Reading Shredded Backrest Gaming Pillow

Milliard Reading Shredded Backrest Gaming Pillow

There are many reasons why the Milliard reading pillow is considered one of the best pillows, including its looks and its quality. It is perfect for watching TV or reading a book in bed. Shredded memory foam is of high quality and provides the best support as well as comfort. Its foam insert is easily accessible, and you can easily customize it according to your preference. If you find it too soft, you can add more foam, which is available from Milliard. If it is too firm, remove some foam. 

Shredded foam is even better than solid foam because it is airier and lighter. The outer cover of this pillow is made of velour, which gives it a rich look. It also has a handle on top for easy portability. The zippers on the outer cover, as well as the inner insert, work smoothly. The cover is removable, and you can wash it in a washing machine any time it is dirty. 

This pillow can also be used by people who suffer from acid reflux or need a leg elevator. It comes as a vacuum-sealed package and requires 24-48 hours to open-up fully. This product has a CertiPUR certification.

  • Available in petite, standard, and extra-large sizes 
  • Neatly packaged and vacuum-sealed
  • The outer velour cover is smooth and easy to clean
  • Even the extra-large size may seem small to tall people

Built to give a supporting embrace to a user, the Milliard pillow is ideal for a movie night in bed. All materials used in making this product are of high quality and have undergone stringent tests. Its CertiPUR certification is a testimony to this. 

4. Bed Wedge Pillow adjustable heartburn

Bed Wedge Pillow adjustable heartburn

While watching TV lying in bed can be fun, it usually ends with a crick in the neck. The angle and a lack of support for your back and neck can ruin the fun. This Bed Wedge pillow gives good support to the head, back, spine, and shoulders with both softness and firmness. Made with memory foam, the pillow features a foldable design that provides maximum comfort while reclining. 

As different people have different neck or back positions, only one person can use a fixed incline pillow. However, with this wedge pillow, you get 30- or 60-degree angle choices. It is possible to get both a gradual and steep slope with the same pillow. 

Measuring at 22 inches in width and 12 inches in depth, this wedge can easily fit any bed or lounger. Lying on the bed with a wedge can increase blood flow and reduce acidity. You can use it to raise your legs to reduce the effects of varicose veins, knee pain, etc. as well. Who could have thought that watching TV in bed can be good for your health!

  • Easily removable cover is made of breathable polyester
  • Comes with a carry handle for easy portability 
  • The foam used in the product is of high quality and completely odor-free
  • Many people complain of the pillow not inflating entirely even after specified hours

You can rest more comfortably with this wedge pillow behind your back. Its gentle slope is ideal for use under the head, back or legs and provides excellent support. Adjustable and comfortable in every position, this pillow comes with an easy to clean washable cover. 

5. Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow-Triangle

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow-Triangle

Constructed with high-density memory foam, this foldable bed wedge is perfect for people looking for comfortable support in the bed. Measuring 22 inches in width and 12 inches in depth, it easily fits on any bed and can be used by people of all sizes. There is a convenient handle, which makes this an ideal travel pillow along with its folding design. 

The memory foam retains the body shape and provides users a customized fit. You can use it under your head, back, or legs. While watching TV for a long time, using this wedge behind your back can reduce any soreness. Depending on the angle you want, you can adjust the pillow or even use it with regular pillows. You will find it easy to clean the cover every time it gets dirty. You need to remove it and toss it in the washing machine. It is made of breathable polyester and lasts for a long time. Spot cleaning is possible, and removing coffee or other stains is not difficult.

You also get a 60-day guarantee with this product, so there is no risk in choosing it. 

  • The versatile 3 in 1 design of the product makes it easy for the head, back, or legs
  • Supportive, breathable, comfortable, and soft memory foam
  • Comes with a 60-day guarantee
  • Zippers in this product are not of a good quality

An excellent choice for watching TV in bed or just sitting up for long hours, this pillow has good construction and that too at a reasonable price. It can be used in multiple ways and provides both firm support and soft comfort. 

best pillow for watching tv in bed Buyer’s guide

Like everything else, buying pillows for watching tv in bed also requires some knowledge and research. Selecting one without understanding your needs first will lead only to disappointment. There are many options available in the market, and all have some unique features. If you consider one factor like the price or the brand, you may end up with a pillow, causing even more discomfort. Here are a few factors which you should keep in mind while selecting a TV watching pillow. 

Filling Material

These kinds of pillows come with various fillings, and each one has its own benefits. You have to look at how much filling and also what kind of filling is there. Most commonly, the following materials are used:

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is extensively used in mattresses because of its ability to contour itself around your body. It is very dense but softens with the heat and pressure of a user’s body. The pillow can maintain the shape even when not in use, hence the name memory foam. 

Some pillows use one main piece of memory foam for the neck, head, and body. These are ideal when you want to target one specific area of your body. Shredded memory foam pillows are softer and more moldable. As there is no single piece, it is possible to add or remove filling as per your requirement. 

2. Buckwheat Hulls

This filling for pillows is made from buckwheat seeds. Hulls of the seeds are removed and cleaned thoroughly. Generally, buckwheat hulls filling has an outer covering of natural fibers such as silk or cotton. It is effortless to adjust the hulls to fit you properly and add or remove them as and when required. One problem with this filling is that it is not as soft as foam and does make some noise every time you turn. 

3. Microfiber/Polyester Fiber

A synthetic filling, microfiber, or polyester fibers are commonly used for making TV watching pillows. One reason is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to many other fillings. They offer good support but not as much as memory foam. Moreover, they tend to have a shorter life span. 

4. Velvet

Velvet is not used as a filling but as a covering; it gives a luxurious and plush look to the pillow. As a cover, its durability depends on the fiber blend used to make it. Silk velvet is more delicate and less durable than wool velvet. Cotton velvet and other blends with synthetic fibers like polyester give more strength and durability to the cover. More delicate covers need careful cleaning and maintenance. 

TV Pillow Styles

TV watching pillows are available in two basic styles, and you can choose from one of the two. These are:

1. Traditional

Referred to as a “husband” pillow, a traditional TV watching bed pillow is very comfortable to use. It features a high backrest as well as armrests. These pillows are tall, wide, and can easily support the full upper body, including the neck, shoulders, head, spine, and arms. The premium ones can also have options to adjust the neck rest and include side pockets and cup holders. 

2. Wedge

As the name suggests, these pillows are designed with an incline or slope. These are good for watching TV or even while you sleep. People suffering from sleep apnea, acid reflux, or back pain can get better sleep. Some people also call them orthopedic pillows because they can give relief from pains. It is better to choose a pillow with a higher incline to prop yourself up for sitting up. Most wedge pillows are made of memory foam. Some wedge pillows come with multiple pieces which can be used to support your legs.


This is an essential factor to consider because of the wide price range these pillows are available in. You can get support pillows for watching TV in bed for as low a price as 50 dollars and as high as 1000 dollars! The best thing to do would be to have a budget before you start looking for a pillow. This will ensure that you choose a suitable pillow within the price range that you want. 


The pillow’s size will depend on the size of the person using it, the pillow’s primary goal. If it is to support your back that you want, you need to select a big enough pillow and cover the lower back and neck area. The pillows come in varying lengths, heights, widths, and how tall or wide you want should be considered. 


Generally, the heavier the pillow, the better it is. A heavier pillow will not move too much and will remain stable. Weight mostly will depend on the filling and the quality of the outer material. Silk covering is lighter than velvet or woolen. Memory foam pillows are much denser and thus heavier as well. 


All pillows come with an outer cover, and you can choose from a wide variety of materials. Apart from the filling, you must also pay attention to the outer cover. Breathability and easy washing are two crucial factors. Velvet is standard as we mentioned earlier, and apart from that you can choose from:

1. Velour

Velour, like velvet, is soft and has a luxurious feel. However, velour is less costly than velvet. With pets and kids around it is easier to clean and stretches more as well. 

2. Synthetic Suede

It is faux suede, which looks and feels like the real thing. Completely safe and environmentally friendly, artificial suede is the right choice as a cover for pillows. This material is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. 

3. Corduroy

Corduroy is a cotton or cotton blend fabric that is quite strong. It has a ribbed surface, but surprisingly, it is not rough. Durable and easy to wash in the machine, corduroy is the right choice as a pillow cover. 


A perfect combination of softness and hardness will offer the most comfort to you. Hard pillows are not suitable for the back, and soft pillows provide no support. A pillow should be able to bear the weight of your back, shoulders, and neck without losing shape or causing soreness in your body. Even if you don’t change your position for hours, a pillow should keep you comfortable. The breathability factor is also essential, and it should not cause sweat or make you feel hot. The outer cover should be soft and non-itchy. 


If you are one of those who cannot travel without their favorite pillow, you may want to get an easily portable pillow. It would be best if you considered many things, but probably the most portable option would be a wedge pillow. It is small and easy to take with you. Some TV watching pillows come with handles, which makes them easy to carry.


Warranties are always important because they give you the confidence to make the purchase. It is even more so when you are buying online and cannot touch or feel the product. Warranties are also an indication of the level of confidence a company has in its products. Choose a product that has return or refund policies. Many companies offer only limited warranties, and understanding all the conditions before making the purchase will be helpful. 


Watching TV in bed can be more enjoyable with the right pillow. Finding the right pillow can seem like a struggle, but it could be easy if you do some research. Our review mentioned several factors and features that you should pay attention to while selecting a pillow. You can ask people who are already using a bed sit up pillow and look for online ratings to zero down that one product you want. Setting a budget and understanding your requirements will help you find the best pillow for watching TV in bed. Enjoy and be comfortable. 

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