8 Best Headphones for Sleeping (Updated Guide 2021)

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Has sleep music been a great relief to help you drift to sleep? If so, you might need the right set of headphones that are soft on your ears and also have a good grip. Otherwise, you will be spending half of the time adjusting the headphones. So, what are the attributes to look for while buying a headphone? Are you wondering if there are many options available in the sleeping compatible headphones category? This article on the 8 best headphones for sleeping will help you find answers to all these questions. You will also be able to choose one of the best headphones from our recommendations based on your preferences.

A good night’s sleep is what will keep you energetic throughout the day. Let’s explore this sleeping aid more to help you get a restful sleep all through the night.

Our top 8 recommendations take into account various considerations such as good quality sound, noise cancellation, budget, and good quality construction to make sure you get the best in the market.

1. Best Overall Headphone: Perytong Wireless Sleep Headphones

Best Overall Headphone: Perytong Wireless Sleep Headphones

Headband design makes these wireless audio devices an ideal pick in the headphones for the sleep category. Made from soft, breathable material that allows for quick absorption of sweat and does not cause any inconvenience while sleeping. It is quite comfortable for use even in the side sleeping pose. You can also use it as a noise cancellation device instead of those painful earplugs. 

You can also wash the headband after you remove the headphones from it. This way, you can make sure it does not accumulate a lot of sweat or dust. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep it going for more than 10 hours. High-quality chips ensure clarity and help you listen to lossless music.

  • Bluetooth enabled wireless set with 33 feet wireless range.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Multipurpose – can also be used for jogging or walks.
  • Special pressure compressive fabric for better ear protection.
  • In-built microphone and volume control buttons.
  • Can connect only one device at a time.

The unit is sung fit, easy on your ears, and does not distract you while you are trying to sleep. The issue of connectivity can be overlooked altogether as these wireless headphones are affordable and for insomnia, workouts, jogging, and meditation.

2. Best Headphones for Side Sleeper – Lavince Sleep Headphones 

Best Headphones for Side Sleeper - Lavince Sleep Headphones

The 0.25-inch speaker in this wireless headband headphones is the thinnest yet can give you incredible audio quality. It comes with Bluetooth functionality making it compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The microphone inside the headband makes sure that you can also use it while you are on calls. 

These ultra-thin headphones are not only suitable for your side, sleeping. It can also be an excellent accessory for your work out sessions, gym, jogging, or any other outdoor activity. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can provide you 10 hours of non-stop listening experience. If you are keen on getting the HD audio quality while listening to music, this is the one for you.

  • Washable and breathable material.
  • Ideal for ambient noise cancellation.
  • Comfortable to wear while lying down. 
  • Convenient control button to adjust the volume.
  • Charger cable can be stored in the band.
  • Even the maximum volume seems not so audible in a noisy environment.

This lightweight and comfortable audio accessory will make a great asset for people interested in listening to audiobooks before they go to sleep. Even though it may not provide for the best noise cancellation, you can use it in less noisy environments.  

3. 3 in 1 Sleep Headphones – Winonly Bluetooth Headband Sleep headphones

3 in 1 Sleep Headphones - Winonly Bluetooth Headband Sleep headphones

With the 3 in 1 feature, you can use Winonly Headphones as your wireless sports headphone cum headband, sleep mask, and also as your sleep headphone. This USB chargeable battery charges to full capacity in about 2 to 2.5 hours. It can give you 10 hours of continuous playing. 

You can also use this music headband as a comfortable eye cover to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep. It comes with in-built microphone and control buttons, which can be used as a hands-free way to answer calls and change the music without touching the phone.  

The fabric used in the headband is incredibly soft and breathable. It can be conveniently stretched to fit all head sizes. You can easily pair it with any of the iOS or Android phones.

  • HD HIFI sound experience.
  • Easily washable.
  • Hypoallergenic material is used in the headband.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries last the whole night.
  • Easy removal of Bluetooth controls and speakers.
  • Does not provide for effective noise cancellation
  • A bit expensive when compared to other variants.

These headbands can make for great sleeping aids. You can conveniently transform it into an eye mask if you do not want to listen to music. 

4. Best Earbuds for sleeping – Hearprotek 2 Pairs Ultra Soft Silicone Earbuds

Best Earbuds for sleeping - Hearprotek 2 Pairs Ultra Soft Silicone Earbuds

If you are the one who is not entirely comfortable with a band around your head, then these lightweight silicone earbuds will be perfect sleeping aids for you. The ergonomic designed double layer tip fits securely to your ears. The snug fit also allows for noise cancellation to a certain extent without any pressure or pain to your ears.

It is super light, and you will hardly feel it in your ears while sleeping. Also, the wires are extra-long and thin so that it does not cause any discomfort. The wires are made from string bullet-proof material to offer durability. You can easily control the volume, answer calls, and skip tracks using the 3-button inline remote. 

The 3.5mm standard jack plug can easily fit your audio devices and gives you a complete sound experience: listening to soothing music, audiobooks, or podcasts. 

  • Simple and sturdy design.
  • Comes with a carabiner and a hard-carrying case.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Helps people with sleep anxiety and insomnia.
  • Economical buy.
  • Provides for noise blocking but not a cancellation.

If you seem to have trouble falling asleep while traveling or at home, these earbuds are a convenient and economical option. 

5. Best Budget Earbuds For Sleeping – MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

Best Budget Earbuds For Sleeping - MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

Want to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed? Maxrock earbuds would be the perfect headphones for your bedtime. These earbuds are made from a soft silicone material that can fit perfectly into your ears. Each earbud hardly weighs around 1.4 g, so you will barely feel its presence apart from the music you hear. 

It comes with a double layer design that sits securely in the ears and avoids falling out. The Ergonomic design does not cause any pressure or pain even when you use it for extended hours. You can get a superior listening experience as it effectively drowns the background noise when you are in crowded places or traveling. 

  • Multi-purpose earbuds.
  • Ideal for leisure time, yoga or side sleeping
  • Compatible with all Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Super mini-speakers with in-ear plugs offer the best sound experience.
  • Comes with a durable zipper case for safe and easy storage.
  • An ideal buy for under $20.
  • Can wear out easily if not handled with care.

These earphones are definitely worth trying at the price it is available. They serve as your sleeping earbuds and can be used for your office, gym, yoga, or meditation sessions.

6. Perfect Wearable Headphones for Sleep – CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Perfect Wearable Headphones for Sleep - CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Highly durable braided cable and thin speakers covered in the cool mesh lining Lycra material make it the perfect headphone for sleep. The thin and breathable material makes sure you do not sweat. The headband also gives your ears proper protection if you were to use them for your early morning walks and jogging. 

This patent-pending design of CozyPhones comes with a flexible 1.5-meter cord, which does not twist or kink easily and thereby lasts longer. Drift away to sleep comfortably even if you are amid your noisy roommates using these noise-blocking headphones. You can also soothe and help calm down a racing mind if you play some soothing sleeping music on these headphones. 

  • Sturdy 3.5mm stereo plug that is compatible with all devices.
  • Award-winning sound 
  • Adjustable headphones positioning.
  • Ideal for the entire family.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Speakers tend to move a lot and may need frequent adjustment.

These lightweight headphones are just perfect for several outdoor activities as well. It is an excellent buy at a price, and you can also choose from four different variants in black, grey, and other colors.

7. For Bluetooth Sleep Headphones – Goojodoq Sleep Headphones

For Bluetooth Sleep Headphones - Goojodoq Sleep Headphones

Superior 5.0 Bluetooth technology combined with CSR8635 chips ensures quick and stable connectivity with the audio devices. It also provides for steady signal transmission, so you will never miss your calls while listening to your favorite music. These earphones are comfortable even for the side sleepers. It can also effectively block out the snoring noise, living room TV sounds, etc, and helps you sleep peacefully.

The Ergonomic design makes it ideal for bedtime use and does not strain your ears. It comes with a double-layered tip that fits in ears of all sizes. This all silicone material is soft and safe to use for extended hours of listening.

  • Incredible and fantastic sound quality
  • Quick charging with lithium-polymer battery.
  • Can work nonstop for about 15 hours.
  • In-line mic and Hands-free option to attend phone calls.
  • HD microphone for clear transmission of your voice.
  • Considerable low power consumption. 
  • Is expensive when compared to other variants.

The extra price of these wireless earbuds for sleeping is justified by the premium performance of this Bluetooth enabled listening accessory. If you are looking for a high-end model and superior sound experience, this is a perfect choice.

8. For Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones – Musicozy Bluetooth Headband

For Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones - Musicozy Bluetooth Headband

These IPX6 waterproof headphones with mic are a perfect sleeping aid for people with insomnia. The fact that it is waterproof makes it ideal for sleep workout, travel, running, yoga, and meditation. You can work out without the worry of sweat ruining your headphones. This patented design offers upgraded rich treble and thumping bass that can give you the ultimate listening experience.

The headphones come with an ultra-elastic silicone outer ring and flexible composite bio-cellulose dome that offers more clarity. It comes with an in-built rechargeable lithium battery, which charges within 2 hours. These headphones come with the Bluetooth headband, 1 micro USB cable, wrench tool, and the user manual. 

  • Can block out ambient noise.
  • Playback time of 10 hours.
  • Good and clear hands-free experience.
  • Washable material.
  • 18-month replacement warranty.
  • High definition sound
  • Does not offer the best noise cancellation.

Musicozy is a patented design that offers the best audio experience while on your travel naps, in the office, or if you are suffering from sleeplessness. The waterproof feature enhances the usability of these sleeping headphones.

Buying Guide – Key Points to Consider While Buying Sleeping Headphones

Buying a sleep headphone does require you to consider the following points as not everyone can have a different style of sleeping, audio requirements, and of course, the budget.

1. Sleeping style

If you invest in a sleep headphone, this is the first consideration to keep in mind. Side sleepers would like to go for a device that will not put too much pressure on their ears. People who tend to sleep on their backs can go for the wired earbuds, which will not interfere with their sleeping style. For sleepers who tend to move a lot can always look for the wireless earbuds for sleeping. 

2. Sound quality

Some versions offer standard audio and high definition sound. You can choose based on your preference.

3. Clarity of listening

You should also understand if you need a noise cancellation set or a noise-blocking one. Noise cancelling earbuds for sleep can offer more clarity. However, it is not advisable to use while driving or going for a walk or jog outside. Noise blocking devices are safer to use while at home or outside.

4. Budget

You can get a decent gadget for less than $20. If you are looking for more versatility and crystal-clear audio, then you must shell out a few extra dollars. 

5. Wireless or wired

This is yet another personal preference of the listeners. If you are not a fan of untangling the mess of wires, you can always go in for the Bluetooth powered wireless headphones. 


1. Is it safe to use headphones for sleep in children?

Yes, it is incredibly safe if your child likes falling asleep while listening to soothing sounds. However, you need to make sure that there is adult supervision, and the volume levels are kept at safe levels. Make sure you also teach your kid used to sleeping without the music as well. 

2. Where can I get the best sleep headphones?

Today you can get anything from online stores and eCommerce websites. You can always get some fantastic offers and compare the best variants on the online forums before you buy them. 

3. Is listening to music or audio for a long time harmful to ears?

There is no evidence to suggest this. However, you shouldn’t use it for a longer time to avoid ear pain and discomfort. 

4. Does listening to music help you fall asleep?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, people who have a racing mind can find some sleep if they listen to soothing sleep music. It is best to get the physician’s advice if you are suffering from sleeplessness over a more extended period. 

5. Can using the headphones help in people with Tinnitus?

Again, this depends on the actual symptoms of each individual. Some people have found that using headphones at night helps in reducing the ringing in the ears. At the same time, some prefer not to use it as it makes it worse for them. 


After the detailed review of the top 8 headphones, we have a winner of the review. Our top pick Perytong Wireless Sleep Headphones is entirely worthy of the first place as it offers a great listening experience combined with ease of use and affordable price. It is the perfect sleeping aid, even for the most finicky side sleeper. 

The lightweight and soft noise-blocking earphones are just the things to calm down your racing mind. It may not be the best noise cancelling headphones for sleeping. However, it can offer the right amount of noise blockage so you can listen to your favorite tracks peacefully. You can use it for an entire night without having to recharge it every time. 

The one we mentioned above is our top pick. You can always choose any one of the 8 we have reviewed in this article. All of the ones we have reviewed aim to bring you the best sleep and sound experience.

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