The Best Colors for Bed Sheet: The Complete Guide (2021)

Styling up your bedroom can be a pleasant yet challenging task. A bedroom is a place where everyone wishes to feel calm and get some relaxation. Selecting a color tone, you don’t like will keep you away from enjoying your personal space.

Your choice of colors and design will reflect your taste and personality, which will give you a sense of joy and satisfaction. As you get caught up with the details of designing your bedroom, make sure to get a palette tone that matches the rest of your house design. 

Decorating a bedroom that’s special to you starts with designing the bed, which is the main focal point. After you have selected the frame and the mattress, the next part is picking the bed sheets.  

As people get to see the bed sheets first, you need to make sure that your personality shines through your choice. For this, the color of the bed sheets play a vital role. Colors create a psychological impact on the brain and reflect a person’s personality. Color choices also can impact your sleep quality. So you need to carefully consider the bed sheet color combinations you want to avoid making the wrong choices. 

How to figure out which color works best for you? To make things easier, we have put up this guide to help you select the best color for bed sheets. 

Why Bed Sheet Color Is Important For Sleeping?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling grumpy and cranky? You’ll be surprised to find that your pillowcases and bed sheets are to blame. Indeed, various other factors like diet, noise, etc. impact your sleep quality, but you also need to pay closer attention to your bed linens’ color.

Can the bed sheet color affect your sleep? The color of the linens has more significance than what most individuals think. Colors work magic in ensuring a good night’s rest. It also influences your emotional state of mind. 

For instance, individual researchers have found that looking at red color increases the adrenaline flow and heart rate. If this happens to be before you go to bed, you may end up staying awake at night. Hence, picking the wrong bed sheet color will cause insomnia and negatively affect your sleep quantity. 

1. Creating Your Sleep Environment

Do you wish to create a resting mood for your bedroom? Then, selecting the best color for sheets is essential. For a comfortable and good restful sleep, you need to buy the best mattress and firm bedding that is soft, breathable, and smooth. It’s also essential to have a set of warm, thick sheets for the cold winter days. Though all these are important for a good sleep at night, selecting the right color also plays a significant role.

Here’s why? Colors can create a soothing environment that can affect your mental state of mind. Warm and lighter tones enable you to calm down and relax after a tiring day. No one wishes to enter their bedroom and look at unpleasant colors that can affect a person’s mood.  

2. Best Feel For Your Sleep And Wake Up

Irrespective of your preferences and who you are, specific themes fit well into a bedroom to give it an overall feel and purpose. To begin with, you need to stay away from shades that give visual fatigue. You wouldn’t wish to enter a room that contains hues, contradict and irritate your eyes. In addition, lots of bright color combinations can tire your vision. While designing your bedroom as a haven for rest, you need to pick shades that work together to give a peaceful atmosphere.

Simultaneously, when you wake up in the morning, you need color combinations that boost your productivity instead of pulling you back to bed. So the same hues and patterns that put you to sleep should be capable of giving you a clear head and motivate you to carry on with the day. 

Do you find this complicated? Once you figure out the psyche of colors, picking the right bed sheet hues would be a piece of cake. 

What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get?

Colors play a pivotal role in bringing about variations to the human mind. It not only provides mental stability but also enhances your overall mood.

In the past, the Chinese and Egyptians used color therapy for treating different health conditions. Studies have found that colors can improve sleep disorders, depression, stress, and other health issues over the years.

You’ll also find that different shades have a different appeal for both genders. For instance, men prefer darker hues with black shades, whereas women tend to go for the lighter palette tones with white blends. Also, men opt for simple designs with basic shades, whereas women go for accented tones. So it would be best if you matched the color combinations of your bed linens to suit both genders. 

Read on to find out which color sheet you should get to adorn your bed!

1. Match Your Bedroom Design

While selecting the colors for your bedsheets, you need to make sure that they do not look out of place in your bedroom. Make sure to consider the decor style of your house while picking the linen set. 

For instance, if you are decorating a country cottage house, red or blue tones will complement the country style. When it comes to classic bedrooms, solid hues work well. Contemporary bedroom designs give you sufficient space to experiment with different textures and colors as per your liking.

As for rustic homes, they are mostly inspired by nature. So you have to incorporate this theme while selecting sheet colors. Using sage green or woven cream hues would give an amazing appeal to these rustic abodes. 

2. Best Color For Bed Sheets

Colors give a pleasant feel to the eye and have a considerable impact on the mental and psychological state of mind. Irritable color combinations can result in negative behavioral responses such as anxiety, anger, fear, and discomfort. This will, eventually, cause insomnia and other sleep disorders among individuals. 

Many times people tend to neglect the color of their bedsheets and consider it as a minor detail. In fact, the sheet remains covered with a duvet or quilt most of the time. However, they form the basic part of bedroom decor and significantly impact your mood and overall sleep health. 


The best part of choosing white bed sheets is that it matches almost every style and shade. Wondering what color sheets with white comforters work well? White color is a flexible choice that will come in handy when you wish to play with different colors. 

Since most of the hotels use white bed sheets, people assume that white shades enable you to sleep well. Well, white sheets are capable of providing a placebo effect that allows you to enjoy quality rest. Moreover, white sheets are easy to clean as you can use bleach to remove any stains.


Opting for a darker toned linen set will provide a great deal of coziness and warmth to your personal space. Darker shades of green, brown, blue, and also black work perfectly for masculine bedrooms. Pairing two dark shades such as black and green or black and brown give a better impact.

Darker shades are also compatible with gray palette tones. Dark blue tones give a deep soothing sensation that is similar to the midnight blue sky. Studies show that individuals who face issues with their love life must go for the darker shades. Caramel and brown shaded bedding décor enables you to enjoy an active and healthy love life. 

Neutral Color

Do you think white gives a clinical look, or is plain for your taste? Or are you worried about your sheets getting discolored over time? Go ahead and experiment with neutral shades such as beige, off-white, and green. They provide a neutral effect that allows you to combine with any other tones. 

As neutral shades are not too bright, they give a soothing effect to your psyche and vision. This helps you to enjoy a sound sleep in a peaceful sleep environment. Though there are different colors in the rainbow, the neutral shades are standard bed sheets due to their calming effect. Moreover, opting for neutral hues makes it a comfortable place for people of both genders.

Warm Colors

When it comes to warm colors, blue stands on the top of the list. If you’re someone who likes yellow tones, you are in for incredible luck. Yellow shades improve the health of your nervous system by stimulating the nerve function and soothing your nerves. Those individuals who sleep in a warm yellow bedding environment wake up feeling more refreshed and happy. 

Guess what? Green is also a preferred choice on this list. A blend of blue and yellow gives a more natural feel. Those individuals who live in colder regions opt for warmer shades to create a good mood before sleep.

Now It’s Up to You

Choosing the color of your bed sheet is your individual choice. Though specific colors are well known for creating a good sleep environment, if it does not make you happy you can choose as per your liking. Remember that there is no right answer when it comes to choosing your favorite bed sheet shades. 

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