How to Fix a Broken Bed Frame: The Definitive Guide

How to Fix a Broken Bed Frame: The Definitive Guide

Your bed frame could split because of wear and tear. It is natural, and you may not be able to do much about it. In case you want to replace the expensive bed, a new bed frame would cost a lot of money. The good news is that you can avoid these costs and repair the bed frame yourself. Do you want to know how to fix a broken wooden bed frame? But before that, you need to be aware of what caused the damage. At times your bed frame may need some wood filler to fill up the cracks. At other times you may have to go for more extensive repairs to replace any element that is broken.

We all desire a comfortable sleep, and the bed’s quality plays a significant role in this. Bed frames hold the mattress in place; however, if the bed frame does not have proper support, this will cause the mattress to move from its place and disrupt your sleep. A weak bed frame will make the mattress sag, and this is when you will think about replacing the bed frame.

Bed frame cracks can be due to many factors. The type of wood used, the material and its strength, and the pressure on the bed frame are some factors that can destroy the frame. The cracks appear gradually, which eventually causes the bed to break.

Each problem has a different solution. Here are some of the common issues discussed, along with the cause and the best solution to fix a wooden broken bed frame.

How to fix cracks and splits in a bed frame?

Splits and cracks are common, and these tend to develop when the bed frame does not have enough support. The split may be on the horizontal grainline or either side of the bed frame. The crack can also be at the end of the frame, but it is important to remember that these cracks develop in the bed’s foundation, which can be alarming. To repair this, you have to put in a few new beams to strengthen the existing structure.

For small cracks:

  • If you notice small cracks on your bed, all you need is some putty to mend it. 
  • Use sandpaper and make the sides around the crack as smooth as you can. It will let the wood filler to get appropriately bound.
  • It will help if you place some wood filler until the crack gets filled. 
  • The excess filler can be taken out using a putty knife. 
  • Then leave the cracks to dry. 
  • If you do not wish to let the cracks be visible, then you may paint on the area.

For large cracks:

  • If you notice that the cracks are bigger, then wood filers would not help.
  • Make use of sandpaper to smooth the sides around the crack. 
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the area, which will make the glue to bind them well.
  • Use a clamp to measure the two sides, and for that, you will have to hold the area tightly. 
  • Apply wood glue to the area once you notice that the clamp is ready. Make sure that you use the glue liberally. Also, to avoid any mess, keep an old blanket handy so that the glue does not drip onto your furniture. 
  • You need to clamp down on the area and use the putty knife to scrape out any excess glue. Leave the glue to let it dry, and use sandpaper to remove the excess glue to create a smooth surface. 
  • The crack is fixed. 
  • For a long-lasting result, you should add some extra support to your bed frame. 

How to fix bad joints in a bed frame?

Bad joints are common, especially if you have antique beds that are made of tenon and mortise. These joints loosen, and you need to know how to fix a broken bed support to mend your broken bed. These joints may have been reinforced using metal brackets, or it is possible that there were brackets attached when the frame was new. 

  1. To repair the bad bed joints, you will have to take off the bracket, repair the joint, and then replace the bracket.
  2. To remove the bracket, you should use the drill or a driver and then unscrew the screws that hold the frame and the metal bracket. These metal brackets are normally folded and placed at 90 degrees on each corner’s inner side. In case you notice that your bed has brackets, these can be seen screwed on the tenon and mortise joints.
  3. The next step is to disassemble and clean it. For this check, the joints and if you find that they are loose, then use a rubber mallet and then tap it apart. Any dried glue should be scraped out using a chisel. However, if these are fixed firmly, then do not pull them apart. Measure the tenon and then cut two pieces of wooden tape. 
  4. Now glue this wood tape on the tenon, which will give it extra width. Liberally apply glue to the slot that holds the tenon. Now reassemble the frame with a rubber mallet to bind it together.
  5. The last step is to replace the bed brackets making sure that the holes created for the old screw do not match with the existing holes in your bracket. Screw the brackets with the original screw.

How to fix a broken bed slat?

Do you know that the bed slat could be broken at times and it is also relatively simple to replace.

Now, let’s discuss how to fix a broken bed slat. It can be due to the mattress’s constant pressure and accelerated in case the mattress is not spread evenly. All that you need to do is to fix the bed slat. 

  • Remove the broken slat and throw it off away. 
  • Measure the unbroken slat. It would be best if you take an accurate measurement of the length, width, and thickness, and once you have these details
  • Get a replacement for it. 
  • It would be best if you are extra careful with the width and thickness. 
  • Line the slat with the other slats and then place it into its exact position. 
  • You may want to add some glue to offer extra security, or you may also want to screw it.

In Conclusion 

Bed frames are expensive, and you should consider bed frame repair first before you plan to discard and buy a new one. Some common bed problems can be easily fixed at home, without the help of a carpenter. Attrition affects every bed, be it an antique or a contemporary bed. The bed frames have to bear the brunt of excess weight, not to forget the toddlers jumping around it all the time, and if the bed frames cannot handle it, they can cause the bed frame to break.

The good news is that these issues can be fixed with simple materials. However, if you cannot detect the problem’s exact cause and find that your bed sags, then the problem may also be with the box spring. To avoid this trouble of repairing your broken bed each time, it always pays to go for a bed made of good quality wood. 

5 Easy Ways to Wash Bamboo Pillow (2021 Update)

5 Easy Ways to Wash Bamboo Pillow (2021 Update)

Are you someone that wakes up often at night because you never seem to find any comfortable sleeping positions? Do you wake up in the morning feeling sore and experiencing acute pain in the head, the neck region, which radiates down your shoulders and to your spine? Have you ever considered using a bamboo pillow?

The bamboo pillow is not just another pillow. It is one of the best things you will give to yourself or your loved ones for their better sleep health. A bamboo pillow consists of a protective case made from a fiber made from the bamboo pulp. The bamboo fiber is derived after crushing, treating, and hardening the mixture of its trunk’s flesh and leaves. Stay with us as we take you through the best reasons you must invest in a bamboo pillow.  

The filling that is used in the bamboo pillow is most often shredded memory foam. The adjustable bamboo pillow comes with a protective zipper case that is made with the bamboo fiber. It allows easy removal and re-filling of memory foam to be able to customize the pillow’s loft. Suppose you thought a bamboo pillow was ornamental only. In that case, we recommend that you use the bamboo pillow with bamboo fibers protective cover at least once to understand the benefit that it offers. 

Benefits of a Bamboo Pillow

1. Health

Pillows that have bamboo fiber on their cover are naturally soft and breathable. The organic material in them is hypoallergenic, meaning that it does not trigger any allergies in the user. Bamboo fibers are hollow, and they contain small holes in them that work extremely well in drawing out the excess heat and moisture. Because they allow all the heat and moisture to escape, it is ideally the best fabric for sleeping as it keeps the head and the neck area cool and dry. 

Fiber made from the bamboo shoots are also static-free and do not cling to the skin pores or hair. When they are made into fabric, they have a very smooth texture like cashmere-silk. 

Bamboo pillows are also anti-bacterial. They can naturally resist the growth of bacteria on them. This fantastic quality means that they are hypo-allergenic; they do not cause illness or any odors. They also help those with snoring issues.  

2. Sleep Position

For people that have difficulty calling it a day and falling asleep, a bamboo pillow is touted by doctors to be a safe bet. Many people who were used to spending nights tossing and turning have found comfort after using a bamboo pillow. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or front sleeper, a bamboo pillow is the best investment that you will make for your sleep health. 

3. Comfortable

A bamboo pillow is the first and the last word in sleep comfort. Are you someone that wakes up in the morning with soreness in the head, neck, and upper back? Do you find your neck and upper back soaked in sweat? A bamboo pillow with good quality memory foam for its stuffing is what you must get home. The pillow will stay fresh and smell clean for a long time, thanks to the pillow cover’s natural material. 

Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

A bamboo pillow requires a little more care than most other pillows that you may have used. For one, bamboo pillows, whether made from regular or shredded memory foam, should not be machine-washed. The machine wash cycle can be disastrous for the memory foam that can pill and tear and crumble and permanently lose its spring and shape. 

The trick for washing bamboo pillows effectively and efficiently is to hand wash it and pay particular attention to what the pillow’s care label says.

Before we start to enumerate the steps of washing bamboo pillows, here is all that you will need to ace the task.

You will need:

  • A delicate liquid clothes washing detergent that you’d generally use for hand washing clothes.
  • A bassinet that is deep or a sink.
  • A pillow drying rack.

How to Wash Bamboo Pillows? (5 Easy Ways)

1. Take off the bamboo cover and wash it with warm water

As a first step in how to clean bamboo pillow, you will need to remove the bamboo cover off your pillow and wash it in warm water. You may hand wash it, or you could even put it in the washing machine on the gentlest cycle. Don’t forget to wash it in warm water, not too cold and never too hot.

2. Hand wash the pillow

Remember that only the bamboo pillow cover can be washed in the washing machine, not the pillow. The pillow has to be hand-washed only. In a bassinet, mix a small quantity of gentle detergent directly into the lukewarm water. Do not add any bleach. 

Insert the pillow into the water and begin washing it by hand. The hack of how to clean the bamboo pillow well is to squeeze all the detergent to reach every part of the pillow. 

Pro Tip: Add an adequate amount of detergent only. In your enthusiasm to clean it better and faster, you may add more than the required amount of soap. Doing this can mean that you have a tough time rinsing off all that soap. 

3. Soaking

When soaking the bamboo pillow, remember to make sure that it is well covered in water. However, it should not be thoroughly soaked in it. This may sound like a tough call but do not worry. As much as you will smoothly get into a routine of washing your bamboo pillow, you may also learn to expert wash it after the first two times. With time, you would be giving out pro tips to people who wonder loudly can you wash bamboo pillows at all!

4. Rinsing

Rinse the pillow through and through. Repeat the rinsing process with fresh water in the basin if there is a need. There should be no soap in the bamboo pillow when you are done rinsing.  It is of paramount importance that there are no soap remnants after the final rinse is over. Wait till your rinse water is clear. 

5. Let the pillow air dry

The next step is to let the pillow air dry. It’d be great if you can dry it out in the sun, but you could even dry them on the rack hanger indoors if that is not practical. 

Do not consider machine drying the pillow; memory form can lose its elasticity and firm shape after it is through a dryer, especially on very high heat. 

The pillow has to be completely dry before you begin using it. Any dampness that is left in it can encourage the growth of mildew. Fungal growth can trigger asthma and a plethora of other respiratory diseases and allergies. Ensure that you turn over the pillow at frequent intervals to make sure that both sides dry up equally. 

You may purchase custom made pillow racks from online retail stores that will allow you to hand them on the line out in the sun, or you could dry them on a clean white towel placed on your clothes rack. 

Additional Bamboo Pillows Care Tips

How often should you clean bamboo pillow?

Experts recommend that you wash your pillow once in three to four months. If that is not practical for you because of personal and work commitments, you will need to wash them at least once in six months to ensure that they do not die on you earlier than they should. 

When to replace your bamboo pillow?

If bamboo pillow washing instructions are followed to the T and washed in a more or less routine of once in 3-4 months, a bamboo pillow will last you at least a minimum of 2 years. It is a good idea to replace them in 2 years to draw health benefits from it. 


The bamboo pillow is an investment definitely worth making, especially when your health and your family’s health is at stake. As far as washing the bamboo pillow is concerned, trust us, it will become easier with each time you wash and maintain it. Consistency is indeed the key to a clean bamboo pillow. Are you still wondering why you must go in for the bamboo pillow?

  • Every bamboo pillow cover comes with wash care instructions that are charted out by the manufacturer. Apart from using prudence, make sure you also mindfully follow all the care instructions carefully on the label. 
  • Bamboo is a natural material, and it has a lot of benefits vis-a-vis other materials. It is wrinkle-resistant and shrink resistant too. 
  • When bamboo is harvested, it grows back really quickly. It is also biodegradable and does not require too much water. 
  • It replenishes fresh oxygen into the atmosphere and draws out carbon dioxide too. 

Finally, bamboo shoots do not need any pesticides because of their natural antimicrobial properties.  We do not see any single reason for you to refuse the bamboo pillow with so many benefits. It is a pro in promoting good sleep health and cares profusely for the environment. 

5 Best Minimalist Bed Frame in 2021

5 Best Minimalist Bed Frame in 2021

Getting the best accessories to furnish your house can be an exciting task. Of this, your bed is one of the most important furniture pieces in your bedroom.

Generally, you spend most of your time on the bed, either to relax your tired muscles or enjoy a good quality sleep. Hence it is essential to choose the most comfortable and sturdy bed frame to support your mattress.

Since minimalist living is becoming a trend these days, you may prefer simple and modern interiors. To make things easier, we have put together a list of the best 5 minimalist bed frames that will help you enjoy a smooth sleeping experience.

What Is a Bed Frame?

Bed frames, also known as bedsteads, both have the same meaning. It refers to a platform or a base that supports your mattress. 

An incredible bed frame not only adds style to your bedroom décor but also increments the appeal of your interiors. Since it’s the largest furniture piece in a bedroom, they become the main focal object in the space. It serves as a comfortable resting place for the owner to enjoy a peaceful sleeping experience. 

Bed frames are also available in different shades, styles, and materials. A good quality bed frame system also increases the lifespan of your mattress. 

Why Should We Need a Minimalist Bed Frame?

Most individuals consider a bed frame as an unnecessary expense. If you are not planning to move within a week or so, it’s advisable to opt for Minimalist bed frames as they offer numerous benefits. These include:


Minimalist options have a simple design, and the ones without box spring have a lower price tag. Due to its sturdy construction, it does not require any additional support or foundation, thereby cutting extra costs. 


Mattresses placed directly on the floor tend to slide or slip as you move. By using a bed frame, it ensures incredible stability by holding the mattress firmly in place. 

Variety of Designs

Minimalist bed frames are available in different colors and patterns. You get to choose stylish designs based on your taste – from simple natural designs to create patterns. 


It’s essential to choose the best bed frame based on your lifestyle. This ensures a great deal of comfort as it allows you to enjoy a stress-free and quality sleeping experience. 

Clean Looks

Minimalist bed frames offer a polished and modern look that enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your bedroom. As it comes in different styles, you get to choose the one that matches well with your room décor. 

5 Best Minimalist Bed Frame Reviews

Our detailed research and intensive analysis have come up with the best 5 minimalist bed frame reviews for you. 

1. Zinus Mia Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame With Headboard

Zinus Mia Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame With Headboard

Zinus Mia Modern Studio platform bed frame is one of the best metallic bed frames with a head frame. This sleek bed frame offers sufficient support, gives a clean look to your mattress, and enhances the comfort level for a good quality sleep. These units not only help in upgrading the style of your room but also increases the lifespan of your mattress.          

Zinus Mia consists of a black colored steel frame and wooden slats that provide sufficient support to your bedding. When it comes to the headboard, it displays 3 steel bars with a chic and minimal design. The headboard’s height goes up to 38 inches, giving enough space for those who wish to lean back and relax. 

As each of the wooden slats is perfectly attached using a string, the process of putting it together becomes quite easy. All you have to do is – simply roll the slats onto the bed frame, and they’re secured perfectly with the help of Velcro. 

This minimalist queen bed frame model contains 12 stats placed at a distance of 3.43 inches apart. As the stats remain closer, they provide sufficient support for the body as you rest. 

  • Available at an affordable budget rate.
  • Suitable for those who need minimal design.
  • Box spring is not required for the bed setup.
  • Assembling takes only a few minutes.
  • Not apt for active sleepers.
  • Not very sturdy. 

The Zinus Mia Modern Studio is much sturdier than the standard bed frame. The benefit of these units is you can also get them with a footboard attached. With a warranty period of five years, the manufacturer offers a return policy in case of any damages or defects. 

2. ZINUS Alexia Wood Platform Bed Frame

ZINUS Alexia Wood Platform Bed Frame

Are you looking for a simple wooden platform bed frame that fits your wallet? ZINUS Alexia Wood Platform comes with an affordable price tag that suits those with any budget. Besides, this unit is a perfect match for any home decor style and fits perfectly into any room size.           

The frame comprises solid pine wood along with wooden slats. The presence of the rustic pine finishing gives the user a homely feel. Each of the plywood slats presents sufficient support to the mattress.

This minimalist platform bed frame design gives you the freedom to opt for a box spring foundation. If you are not interested in using the box spring, the wooden slats offer the mattress’s support. The frame offers incredible support to traditional spring, latex, or memory foam mattresses. 

Due to the height of 12 inches, it displays a low and modern outline. However, as the bottom has only 6 inches distance from the floor, you may not be able to store all your gear under the bed. This queen-size unit is capable of supporting a weight of up to 700 pounds.

  • Has a stylish look.
  • Provides a solid foundation for your bedding.
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Comes with a durable design. 
  • The bars tend to wear and tear over extended use.
  • Central beam support is not sturdy. 

As the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty, you do not have to worry about any issues that may arise with the ZINUS Alexia Wood Platform bed frame. It serves as the perfect spot to end your day for a good night’s rest. Moreover, it ensures excellent mattress support and gives a timeless charm to your interiors. 

3. Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal is one of the best minimal bed frames you can get from this reputable brand. This metallic frame is precisely manufactured to function well and provide incredible support as you sleep at night. The sleek minimalist design perfectly matches with any room décor. 

This bedframe goes well with any sort of mattress, be it memory foam or spring. Due to the 13” clearance space below the bed, you get lots of storage space. This makes it a suitable option for those residing in small apartments, as it helps keep things well organized. For those having children, the clearance space serves as a great place for storing toys. Besides, your pets get to sleep underneath the bed as well.           

The unit features a sturdy construction that consists of strong metallic slats. Since they’re sturdy, it can hold heavy and tall beddings. The slats keep the mattress from sagging down. Each of the slats has an adhesive Velcro strip on top. You can remove the protective stickers and stick the adhesive ends to the frame to keep the mattress in place. 

  • Lends a sophisticated look to your bedroom décor. 
  • Displays a bold and modern profile.
  • The design contains reliable metallic slats. 
  • Weights around 40 pounds.
  • Not strong enough for adult activity.

As Zinus Abel is a high profile frame, the box spring is not required unless you need extra height. However, the extra height may cause issues for short individuals to get in and out of bed. The metallic legs’ presence can handle heavyweight and won’t snap easily, making it apt for large individuals.

4. Mellow Naturalista Classic – 12 Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

Mellow Naturalista Classic - 12 Inch Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

Wish to get up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep? Mellow Naturalista Classic frame adds a modern and organic touch to your room, giving a stimulating feel in the morning. Also, this wooden framework is suitable for any bedroom style décor. 

This minimalist wood bed frame consists of solid natural pinewood along with wooden slats. The wooden slats system in this frame contains non-slip vinyl strips. These benign tapes keep the mattress in place and protect it from moving on the frame. Moreover, the slats provide incredible support to your mattress as you sleep and offer an amazing level of stability.

This modern unit is available in three shades – espresso, fine, and cherry. The overall style provides a rustic vibe and a natural feel to your space since it showcases the natural and simple wooden structure. Moreover, the straightforward design compliments well with any space. 

This king size modern unit does not require any box spring or foundation, as the wooden slats provide the necessary support to the mattress. Traditional memory foam mattresses work great on this unit.

  • Displays a mid-century modern outlook.
  • Assembling is quite easy.
  • Comes with a streamlined design. 
  • Presence of central bars provides added support.
  • The wooden legs tend to chip off easily.
  • Tends to creak and make noise as you get in and out of bed. 

As the packaging comes with all the necessary assembly instructions, it’s easy to put this frame together quickly. You don’t have to worry about any damages as the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty. The Mellow frame proudly boasts of its noise-free construction, making it suitable for light sleepers.

5. Amazon Basics 9-Leg Support Metal Bed Frame

Amazon Basics 9-Leg Support Metal Bed Frame

In need of a full-size bed frame to enjoy quality sleep without breaking your bank? This well built metallic bed frame from AmazonBasics allows you to rest well.      

Made using durable steel components, the furniture features a stylish black finishing. The unit contains nine legs in total – three legs on either side and three in the center. This ensures an increased level of overall strength and offers a reliable structural framework. 

The center bar that runs from one end to the other provides long-lasting and additional support in the mid area, which is essential. The design also contains a clearance space for additional storage underneath the bed. Hence you can keep your things organized and avoid any clutter.

Additionally, the setting up process is less stressful and easy. Here each support bar locks itself to the next bar securely without the need for any tools. As the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for the product, you don’t have to worry about any damage issues.

  • The 9 legs provide an incredible level of stability.
  • Has excellent versatility. 
  • Provides support to same-sized mattresses.
  • Easier to assemble, as it makes use of the locked together system. 
  • Some users found that the frame creaks and squeaks at times.

AmazonBasics metallic frameworks are great for any same sized mattress and box spring set. The full-size option comes with a 7” height dimension by 74.5” length and 53.5” width and weighs about 16 lbs. 

Things to Consider When We Buy a Minimalist Bed Frame

Let’s have a look at some of the aspects you need to keep in mind before you finalize the perfect minimalist bed frame. 

1. Materials:

The lifespan of a bed frame is based on the materials used for its construction. The materials provide the required durability, comfort, and stability to the mattress. Some of the common materials used for making minimalist bed frames are:

  • Metal. 
  • Asian hardwood. 
  • Engineered wood.
  • Laminate surfaces.

2. Type of Structures:

Based on your budget and lifestyle, you will find numerous minimalist bed frames of different structural designs. Some of the common types include: 

  • Contemporary style.
  • Casual style. 
  • Transition style.  

3. Price:

As with most furniture pieces, the prices differ based on the materials used and design. You will come across sleek and affordable metallic frames for just $100. When it comes to the wooden frames, they tend to be on the pricier end. 

4. Size:

Before you finalize on a bed frame, you need to consider the number of people sleeping on the bed. Most bed frames have a standard size; however, you can customize it as per your requirements. Bed frames are available in full, king, queen, California king, extra-long twin, and twin sizes.

5. Style:

The style and look of a bed frame depends on each individual’s taste. While selecting, make sure that it matches your house’s theme and accents your bedroom’s overall feel. 

6. Weight of The Users:

Bed frames serve as a foundational system for your mattress. Hence make sure that they’re made using high-quality components with sturdy construction. To handle the weight of the users, metallic frames are a great option. Choosing bed frames with wooden slats provide sufficient support as you sleep and prevent your mattress from sinking. 

7. Preferred A Box Spring?

Popular brands are manufacturing bed frames that do not require a box spring. However, if you need a box spring along with the mattress, make sure to opt for minimalist bed frames that are boxspring compatible.

8. Warranty Offered:

Generally, most minimalist bed frames come with a warranty period ranging from 1 to 5 years. As the policies differ for each brand, make sure to check these requirements before you make the final decision.   


Do Bed Frames Have Weight Limits?

Yes, bed frames do have a maximum weight limit they can hold. A standard unit is capable of handling up to 500 lbs. When it comes to tall or heavy-duty options, they can hold up to 1000 to 4000 lbs. It’s essential to note that the weight capacity includes the sleepers, the mattress, and any other foundation you use.

Do You Need to Put a Box Spring and Mattress on This Bed?

It is not essential to place a mattress and box spring on most minimalist bed frames. As these frames have a supportive design, you can directly place the mattress onto the frame without any box spring. Memory foam mattress is a great option for this bed frame.

Can I Add a Headboard to My Frame If It Does Not Have One?

If you wish to add a headboard to your minimalist bed frame, make sure to opt for a frame that’s headboard compatible. Also, go through the headboard’s manufacturer details to make sure that it fits perfectly with the frame. 

Do I fix a broken bed frame?

Yes, you can fix a broken bed frame by yourself. You can according to this artilce.


Minimalist bed frames not only support and increase the longevity of your mattress but also provide incredible stability and comfort as you sleep. 

We recommend Zinus Mia Modern Studio platform bed frame as the best pick for you. This metallic platform bed frame comes with a headboard. With a height of 14” and 12” clearance space, they provide sufficient room under the bed for storing sports equipment, clothes, or other items. The queen size unit can also hold up to 500 pounds, making it suitable for individuals on the heavier end.

This conventional design consists of steel components with black finishing, giving a stylish appeal to your space. The main intention of this bed frame is to provide sufficient support that enhances your sleep quality. 

Go through our above reviews to pick the one that suits your requirements. For more information, feel free to visit our website and connect with our team. 

Happy sleeping!

5 Best Futon Mattress (Reviews) in 2021

5 Best Futon Mattress (Reviews) in 2021

Getting good quality sleep is essential to maintain the overall well-being of an individual. A luxurious full-size mattress may not provide sufficient comfort and support to your body. That’s when futon mattresses come into the picture.

Inspired by traditional Japanese bedding, modern futon mattresses serve dual purposes. You can either fold it and use it as a couch during the day or unfold it to serve as a bed at night. These compact options help in reducing backaches by providing sufficient support and maintaining proper spine alignment.

After going through various futon beddings, we have come up with the best 5 futon mattresses available in the market. Let’s dive in to find out more.

What is a Futon?

The word futon originates from the Japanese word meaning bed. Futon mattress consists of a single padding piece that serves as a couch when folded and as a bed. You can either place it on a futon frame or place it directly on the floor.

Due to its versatile design, futon mattresses are easy to assemble and disassemble. The mattresses are relatively thin and light in weight, with an average height of 6 inches. You can use the extremely thin models directly on the floor, making it the perfect choice for those who have minimal space.

Earlier, most of these futon beddings came with hay, animal hair, or reed fillings. Today, these products have fillings like innerspring coils, foam layers, or a combination of both.

Benefits of Futon Mattress

Futon mattress is an excellent choice for those who have limited space or are on a tight budget. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by opting for a futon mattress.

1. Convenient:

The modern versions work great on a low frame or a mat, thereby keeping the sleeper raised from the chill floor. Moreover, they are more convenient when you host guests, as you do not need a fully furnished guest room. Due to the low base, you do not have to worry about your kids rolling off the bed and hurting themselves.

2. Space and Utility:

The most attractive aspect of the futon mattress is its utility and less space-consuming feature. The flexibility it provides makes it stand out among the traditional options. As they are foldable, it’s easy to store and suitable for small condos and dormitories.

3. Price:

Compared to the traditional and standard bedding and frames, a high-quality futon would not cost you much. This makes it the best choice for those who lack sufficient budget and need extra bedding for guests or a new replacement. 

5 Best Futon Mattress Reviews

Here are some of the best futon mattress options that are available in the market. Let’s go!

1. EMOOR -CLASSE Series – Japanese Futon Mattress

EMOOR -CLASSE Series - Japanese Futon Mattress

EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress is one of the best traditionally used mattresses in Japan. The CLASSE series is the updated series of Japanese craftsmen to meet customer demands.

The mattress’s outer fabric consists of cotton material with 200 thread count and has a polyester filling. The polyester comprises three layers where a firm polyester pad lies between two soft polyester quilts. The antibacterial and anti-tick poly filling helps you have a good night’s rest as it keeps the dust mites and odor away. 

Though the product may appear to be fluffy, it provides sufficient support and firmness. The high-density polyester pad ensures incredible back support, and fluffy fillings around the pad give a soft feel. The gorgeous design, coupled with the durable construction, will enable you to experience great comfort in the years to come.

The material used in this bedding helps in keeping the chill-out and provides sufficient warmth and dryness. Due to the traditional three-fold design, you can easily fold it and carry it around everywhere. You can also fold it and place it in a corner and take it when you have guests at home. 

With a full-size dimension of 79” x 55”, it weighs around 14 pounds. Due to the compact framework, it will help you to enjoy a warm snuggle throughout the night. Even though no warranty is available, the manufacturer provides a 30 day return period policy in case of any damages or defects.

  • Easier to maintain.nComes with vacuum-sealed packaging.nSuper soft and comfortable.nLight in weight. n
  • Some users reported that it does not have sufficient thickness. nNon-washable, must use covers. n

EMOOR futon mattress works great as a topper for your current mattress to add more thickness or temporary bedding. It’s a suitable option for dormitories or for those who prefer minimalist living. Since you can fold and unfold the quilted mattress easily, storage becomes much easier.

2. Mozaic 8-inch Cotton Twill Gel Memory Foam Futon Mattress

If you’re looking for a soft feel mattress to relax your tired muscles, this mattress is a perfect choice for you.

Mozaic 8-inch Cotton Twill Gel Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Mozaic futon bedding consists of a memory foam material with 3 layers of polyurethane gel foam. This is completely covered using a cotton twill cover that prolongs the lifespan of the mattress. The twill weave features a suede feel and look, which gives it its cozy and plush texture. The filling provides ultra support to the users due to its 6 inch thickness.

Each of the foam layers is antibacterial and produces very few allergens. This makes it suitable for those who are sensitive to dust and other pollutants. 

This attractive option gives the feel of a modern sofa when used with a frame. It also provides sufficient coziness when you unfold it and use it as a mattress, helping you enjoy a good quality sleep. The full size 8 inch mattress is suitable for any queen-size futon bed frame

It’s an excellent option for side sleepers as it provides sufficient sinkage and distributes the weight evenly as you sleep on your side. The memory foam also comes with a convoluted design, which ensures a good air flow between the different layers of the wedding. This helps in giving a relaxed feel throughout the night as it absorbs the body heat.

  • Comes with reversible properties.nProvides optimal comfort.nMade using durable components that will last for long. nEnsures medium firmness. n
  • Not easy to fold due to its thickness. nGives off a slight odor initially, which fades away later. n

As 11 color options are available, you can choose the futon mattress that will match your bedroom decor and style. This futon mattress full size has a dimension of 54 inches x 74 inches x 8 inches and weighs 68 lbs. It will provide you with sufficient comfort when you sleep and helps in upgrading the aesthetic look of your room.

3. Serta Chestnut Double Sided Foam and Cotton Full Futon Mattress

Serta Chestnut Double Sided Foam and Cotton Full Futon Mattress

Are you on a tight budget and looking for a mattress that will fit perfectly into narrow or tiny spaces? Serta chestnut futon mattress would be a great pick to adorn your bedroom space. Serra chestnut consists of a unique fiber product – Cottonique, a combination of polyester and cotton fibers. This helps in developing a durable and resilient fiber framework that outlasts traditional cotton batting. 

When it comes to the construction, it displays a 2 inch foam core and 2 inch storm layer that’s closely bonded with a pad. These are then fully encased in a cotton batting and cotton covering . The inner foam padding provides sufficient support for those suffering from back aches and joint pains, as it contours well with the body shape. 

The plush cotton batting covering the core provides a soft and cozy feel to the pressure points as you watch television, read your favorite book, or take a good nap. The cotton case prevents the mattress from becoming dirty, enabling you to use it for a longer period. 

Besides, the cotton shell keeps this product in perfect shape and gives it an upscale look irrespective of the number of times you unfold and fold it. The foam core present in the bedding does not contain any harmful components such as Mercury, lead, flame retardants, ozone depleters, and heavy metals.

This cheap futon mattress has a weight of about 55 pounds. Though the bedding may seem to be quite firm initially, it softens and expands within 48 hours after use. Also, the unit is odorless and free from formaldehyde and phthalate. 

  • Has great durability.nEasy to use and maintain. nProvides medium support. nEnsures excellent comfortability. nAvailable in both queen and full size.n
  • The seams may fray away easily, as it is not very strong. nNeed to air before you sleep initially to get rid of the gassy smell. nMay turn lumpy after extensive use. n

This queen futon mattress gives you a comfortable feel that helps you sleep well at night and prevents any slippages from the futon frame like other mattresses. Moreover, they’re available in five different fashionable shades that match well with any décor.

4. Classic Brands Classic 8-Inch Futon Mattress

Classic Brands Classic 8-Inch Futon Mattress

Classic Brands futon mattress is the most comfortable futon mattress that displays a classy look. Sleepers familiar with firm mattresses like the traditional innerspring models may find this really comfortable taking a nap. 

The individually wrapped coil innerspring provides a uniform surface and sufficient firmness to the mattress. These coils are resistant to any possible wear and tear and offer excellent durability. It contours accurately with your body frame and assists in maintaining the proper alignment of the spine.

Additionally, the coil is best suited for restless sleepers as the block does not give an over bouncy feel. Next, comes the high-quality foam layering that isolates the intense and sharp movements thereby enabling you to enjoy an uninterrupted rest at night. 

The sturdy microfiber polyester covering gives incredible comfort. This futon mattress is the perfect choice for minimalist interiors and modern spaces, as you get to select between brown and black covers. The fabric gives a fantastic feel and appeal and is also easy to clean by wiping using a damn cloth.

Classic Brands futon mattress is advisable for heavy sleepers looking for a firm feel and good support to distribute their body weight evenly. The standard foam futons are too soft for these large sleepers. For those suffering from mild back issues, this futon would be a great option as it provides a firm surface to sleep. If you’re planning to share your bed space with your spouse and need extra space, this futon coil unit offers incredible edge support.

  • Made using high-quality materials.nSturdy and appealing. nComes in two stylish shades – brown and black.nEasy to clean and maintain.n
  • May tear away easily. nDue to the thin fiber padding, some sleepers may feel the wrapped coils.nToo bouncy. n

Classic Brands futon mattress fits perfectly with any standard futon frame and works great as a low couch. Moreover, you can fold it easily, and it comes back to the original state quickly, making it easy to store when not needed. Due to its sturdy construction, it lasts for a long time and is apt for your guest room, dormitory, or as an extra couch to sit when friends and family visit. 

5. FULI 100% Cotton Cover for Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

FULI 100% Cotton Cover for Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

FULI has come up with a high-grade futon mattress that makes use of the Japanese Shiki design. Shiki stands for the traditional Japanese sleeping mattress.  

This model is quite popular in Japan as it provides sufficient comfort and support while resting. Due to the foldable cushion part in this set, it’s easier to fold and store when not needed. 

The entire unit does not weigh more than 30 pounds and consists of three layers. The outer covering comprises of breathable cotton material that helps in absorbing the moisture completely and dries fast. This makes it the perfect choice for those who live in hotter regions or naturally sweat during their sleep.

The stuffing contains polyester components of three layers that are aerated and provides sufficient thickness to the model. FULI futon mattresses are unique due to its versatility. This model works great when used on traditional futon mattress frames or even functions well as a floor mattress. The firmness and support of the mattress make it the preferred choice of those suffering from back pain related issues.

This mattress is available in all beds sizes, including king-size, queen-size, twin XL, twin futon mattress, full XL, and full sizes. You may not find any other futon mattress that caters well to the needs of any situation that may arise. 

  • Has an anti-dust mite and antibacterial filling.nSoft and super comfortable. nSpace-saving option.nAvailable at an affordable price range. n
  • May find it hard to fold large-sized mattresses. n

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly futon floor mattress or a futon bedding that fits into any frame with incredible comfort, this one from FULI would be the best choice. If you do not feel comfortable with your choice, the manufacturer provides a 30 day return period policy. 

Futon Mattress Buyer Guide (How to Pick The Right Futon mattress)

Not all futon mattresses are the same, so you need to know which one is the right model for you. Here are some of the features you need to consider before you purchase a futon mattress.

1. Types of Futon Mattress

Two types of futon mattresses are available in the market. This includes: 

Traditional Japanese Futons

These Japanese models are mostly floor mattresses placed on tatami mats. They are less thick and do not fit into a futon frame, making it easy to fold and store away during the daytime.

Western-Style Futons

This model serves as a combination of both bed and couch. They’re slightly thicker and fit perfectly into a wooden or metallic frame.

2. Thickness

The average thickness of a futon lies between 2 to 10 inches. Some models have a thickness that ranges between 12 to 15 inches. Choose the ideal matters based on your body weight. Lighter individuals should opt for thinner mattresses, whereas larger individuals should go for the thicker ones. 

3. Comfort

Comfort is the most crucial factor you need to look for while choosing a futon mattress. It must not only include the ability to sleep well but also being able to sit comfortably, as it serves dual purposes. Ensure that the foam layers and innerspring coils conform well to the body curves and provide pressure relief.

4. Size

Futon mattresses are available in 8 different standard sizes. The common ones include single, single XL, Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, and California king size. You will also find bunk bed size, customizable size, and loveseat sizes that match their respective frames. 

5. Style

If you’re planning to match your room decor with your mattress, you will find futon mattress covers of different shades and styles. The covers consist of different drapes, textures, and fabrics. Based on your mood, you can change the covers to give a fresh look. 

6. Material

Futon mattresses mainly consist of a foam layering and polyester and cotton covering. As for modern futons, it consists of innerspring coils that provide sufficient firmness. Based on the materials used, the different types are:

  • Wool Futon Mattresses.
  • Latex Futon Mattresses.
  • Memory Foam Futon Mattresses. 
  • Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses. 
  • Chemical Free Futon Mattresses. 

7. Pricing

Futons are comparatively cheaper than the standard mattresses. Budget options are available at a price as low as $100. Memory foam models are slightly costlier and range from $100-$300. Premium memory foam units can cost up to $400. Coil options range from $100-$400, and the premium coil models go up to $600.

8. Durability

The durability of the futons is wholly based on the materials used. Most of the futon units consist of high-quality materials that will last for a long time. Cotton futon mattress tend to become lumpy soon. However, the foam and spring models are durable and provide extreme comfort. 

9. Portability and Storage

Futon bedding makes transportation easier, as you can roll and fold it up easily. The thinner models are much easier to fold and store in a storage room or cabinet. This makes it the preferred choice of individuals who have a minimal living space.

Q&A for Futon Mattress

Should I Have A Storage Bag With It?

These mattresses won’t leak unless it has a hole or not sealed properly. However, if you still need extra sealing, you can opt for a storage bag. 

Can I Sleep Comfortably on The Floor With Just This?

In fact, futons are great floor mattresses as it provides sufficient elevation and thickness. However, if you’re suffering from severe back pain issues, it’s advisable to opt for a metallic or wooden frame to provide sufficient body contouring. 

Can I Sleep on A Futon Every Night?

If you’re planning to use futon frequently or daily, it’s advisable to opt for an expensive high-quality model. The quality options guarantee great comfort, durability, and sufficient pressure relief, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s rest.

How Long Should A Futon Mattress Last?

The lifespan of your futon depends on how you use it and the quality materials used. Normally, it’ll last for about 5 to 10 years. If you use it occasionally, it will last even longer.

Do I Need A Futon Mattress Cover?

A padded futon covering placed on top of the mattress will ensure great durability and comfort. It protects the bedding from getting dirty and adds an extra layer of thickness. This is suitable for those who use it regularly.


Futon mattresses are available in different styles and prices, and getting the right one can be challenging. Based on your needs and purpose, you need to purchase a quality model that will serve you best.

Our best choice goes to EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress. Here the outer fabric contains cotton material, and the inner filling consists of polyester components. The polyester filling has three layers where a soft poly quilt covers a firm polyester pad. This provides a great deal of comfort and thickness to the mattress. Moreover, you can use this mattress without a frame by placing it on the floor directly as it offers a medium firmness. 

Futon mattresses not only help you save on your budget but also provides that extra level of comfort and thickness you’re looking for. Please go through our above reviews to choose the perfect one that suits your requirements.

Is It Bad to Sleep on The Couch? Reasons and Tips You Should Know

Is It Bad to Sleep on The Couch? Reasons and Tips You Should Know

Are you struggling to sleep well? Do you find yourself spending more nights on the couch than in the bed? Has your spouse thrown you out of the bedroom because of your snoring? Or, do you fall asleep while watching TV and then spend the night there only? Whatever the reasons, sleeping on couches once in a while probably will not harm you apart from causing pain. Unlike beds, couches cannot balance your body weight properly. This is the reason why you wake up with an aching back or crick in the neck after spending the night on a couch. 

However, sleeping on the couch can often lead to some health conditions such as chronic back and neck pain. Couches are generally narrower and shorter than beds. This forces you to sleep in unnatural positions. It can lead to lethargy the next day and cause you to become less productive throughout the next day. Spending more than a few nights on the couch can mess up your spine alignment and cause serious back problems. 

8 Reasons You Should Not Sleep on The couch

There are many reasons for why you should not sleep on the couch, but here we list the most common ones that can harm you. Sleeping on the couch should be a once in a while activity and should be avoided for longer durations. 

1. Wrong Sleep Position

This is one of the most heard complaints from couch sleepers. A bad or unfavorable sleeping position can do a lot of damage to your body. It is not only due to the couch’s size but also on how soft or saggy it is. We are used to sleeping a certain way, either on our backs or on our sides at night. Adequate support for turning is essential while we sleep. If the couch is too small, you may end up in contorted positions. Narrow couches can make a person sleep with legs either hanging or on the backrest, and both these positions are not comfortable. 

2. Cause Back and Neck Pain

Is sleeping on couch bad for back? Yes! Back pain for most people starts gradually. It usually comes from repeating bad posture or positions while sitting, walking, or sleeping. Sleeping on a couch puts a lot of pressure on your spine and can cause back or neck pain. Invariably, a couch sleeper will end up in a bad sleeping position and wake up with neck, back, or shoulder pains. Sleeping on the couch, again and again, can end up in serious medical issues. 

3. Lead to Leg Pain

When you sleep on a cramped couch, you are subjecting your spine to some abnormal stress. Over time, this stress causes structural changes in your spine, which include joint degradation, disc misalignment, and damaging the muscles and ligaments that support the whole structure of our body. It can lead to severe leg pain. People with joint problems should avoid sleeping in a cramped position on an inadequately supported couch. 

4. Couch Material Is Bad for Sleeping

Usually, the couches are made from materials like leather, which is slippery and can make your skin clammy and hot. Some couches have velvet covers that are soft but accumulate a lot of dust. Most materials used in the couches are meant for easy cleaning and less usage. It is not comfortable to spend the whole night. Breathability and texture are crucial for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

5. More Germs on Sofa, Is Bad for Our Health

Couches are placed in public areas and become an abode for germs from various sources. Some people let their pets laze on the couch. Some people entertain a lot and see frequent visitors. All these factors contribute to the collection of germs and dirt on the couch. Avoid sleeping directly on the couch if you cannot clean it thoroughly. Use sheets or liners to create a layer. The best thing would be to avoid sleeping on a dirty couch. 

6. Sofa Heat Up Faster

Like we mentioned earlier, couch material is not the same as bedding material. The construction of a couch is also different from a bed. Depending on the material and construction style, some couches can absorb too much heat, and some may not absorb any heat. Both these conditions are not suitable for a restful sleep. The coziness and warmth of a bed are missing on the couch.  

7. Lights

This is undoubtedly a big problem for people who can only sleep in total darkness. Couches are mostly placed in the living room or other public areas. Even after switching off the lights, you will find some brightness either from outside or from other rooms around you seeping in. Even worse is the light from the TV, if you go to sleep leaving it on. This can cause disturbed sleep and cause fatigue the next day.

8. Make Us Distractions

Apart from the light, sleeping on a couch can have many more distractions. You are more likely to have a TV and computer to distract you while on the couch. Moreover, there are more chances of you being disturbed by people if the couch is in the hall near the kitchen or a staircase. If you are living with several other people, then it is possible that they may keep going in and out at odd times. Falling asleep on the couch cause a lot of distractions and affect sleep quality.

Why You Should Not Sleep on The couch

Tips for Your Sleeping on Couches

Though it is best to avoid sometimes sleeping on couch instead of bed. What to do when it is the only choice? If sleep and your health are important to you, then there are some things that you can try to make it more comfortable.

Try to Right Position

Positioning your body on the couch is very important. If the couch is small or narrow, then you will have to make the best of it. Curling up in a fetal position can surprisingly be good for you. If you need to sleep on your back, hanging your arms or legs over the arm can be an option. Remove the back cushions to create more space. You can place them next to the couch in case you fall off the couch at night. 

Use a Good Pillow

If you plan to sleep on the couch at night, then take a proper pillow to rest your head on. It is very easy to grab any sofa cushion and use it through the night but remember that these cushions were not designed to lay your head-on. They are generally more stuffed and can keep your head at an uncomfortable angle. Most couch cushions have odd shapes and may have design and embellishments, making them more uncomfortable. You will mostly get up with a headache or an achy neck. 

Prepare Sleep Masks And Ear Plugs

One of the biggest problems sleeping on the couch is that you cannot eliminate sound and light. It can make your sleep very distracting. For sound and restful sleep, using sleep masks & earplugs is very helpful. If you cannot make the room completely dark, try using sleep masks. There are some sleep headphones and noise-canceling headphones that can help with any unwanted noises. Playing soft or relaxing music can also help you to sleep better. 

Roll Some Blankets

Grabbing some extra blankets is a good idea when you are sleeping on a couch. They can be used for a variety of purposes. First and foremost, sleeping on the couch at night is hard enough, and you should not be spending it shivering. Instead of using a sofa throw, which may not be thick enough or the right size, using a blanket is always better.

Rolling a blanket to keep under your head for the right elevation is a good option. You can spread a blanket on the couch for a better and thicker layer for you to sleep on. Rolling up blankets and placing them wherever you think it is uneven on the couch may give you better sleep. 

Now It’s Up to You

Your couch may be perfect for an afternoon nap, but it is not the best place to spend the whole night. Even the best and most luxurious couches don’t make for good sleeping options. They are not designed for a night’s sleep in the first place and have none of the features which are necessary for comfortable sleep. Your body weight does not get to rest evenly. This causes soreness and lethargy initially and serious medical issues after prolonged use. 

You are forced to sleep in uncomfortable positions and contort your body to fit on a couch. Spine and other joints come under a lot of pressure and can lead to chronic back pain and other such issues. Moreover, couches are generally placed in areas where there is more noise and light, adding to the discomfort. Sleeping on a couch once in a while will not do much damage apart from slight pains and niggles, but sleeping on a couch for years should be avoided. Sleep is essential for your well being, and you must always make sure to get a good night’s rest.