Who we are?

Who loves grogginess and that too early in the mornings? Everyone loves to get a good night’s sleep, and we love that everyone gets it. So who “WE,” are ? We are someone who is forever looking out for verified information on sleep health and doing our bit to disseminate it to everyone that needs to hear it. Finally, we love that everyone gets up rosy fresh in the morning after a rejuvenating sleep session.

What we are also big into is to check out the newest and the latest sleep products. Our product reviews for sleep health are first-hand and completely genuine. So you know when you read it here that it was us that physically verified the product.

A mattress that will keep cool even in the smokiest summers or a bedside lamp that will sense sleep and automatically go into off mode – if it is on the market, it is there on our page!

Our Mission

Sleep has a deep impact on our lives. The world has finally opened up to the magic of good sleep. Medical journals are flush with research that is conducted day and night on this topic. We cut the trouble of reading serious journals for you and bring all the information you need to know. 

We are continuously stretching ourselves to create a common place where you can shop for everything sleep-related. Since our inception to now, our goal has steadfastly been to show our patron what good sleep is and how it can be attained with the help of some science.

We take the liberty to call ourselves Sleep Experts because we keep abreast of all the latest research. Looking to buy a mattress that you want for your little one – we have the best recommendations. You want to know how your 8 years old will call it a day in time – ask our experts. Finally, you like to read in bed, and you want a reading light with sensors – done; we will arrange!! 

Our Core Values

The length that we have come has not happened overnight. We have been burning the midnight oil to make sure all the latest research is collated and compiled. There is one thing that pushed us to give it our best each time we thought we had reached a wall – the idea that sleep health is directly proportional to the general health and happiness of a person. 

Poring over thousands of pages of research

Ask us anything that is to do with sleep health, and we will pat give you an answer. It has not been easy to be abreast of all this information. It took a lot of months and an eye to look for hundred and hundreds of sleep-related articles and research studies by the best minds in the world. 

Our passion for helping

Sleep is equal to happiness. There is no other more accurate equation than this in the world today. We want to bring this point home to everyone that unless you respect and give your body the rest, it deserves, asking anything from it is unfair. Have you noticed how you are ready to take over the world after a particularly good night? Exactly!

Only first-hand information

As far as product reviews on the market are concerned, we do not publish third-party reviews of any of the products featured on our website. The product review for sleep health featured is only by our team of sleep experts. So every time you read a product review, you do not have to discount any part of it. We only write what you notice and what you get is only what is the truth; nothing more nothing less there.

What do we have for you?

From the standard to the custom and from the classic to the quirky – if it is sleep-related, we have it here. You want to know what mattress is good for someone that is used to sleeping on their sides. We will tell you. You feel you want a device with white noise for the kid’s room – we will tell you the best one. And you want to know what pillow you must use to offset the edema in your feet – we would love to help you! 

Anything and everything that is sleep, you can count on us. 

Our team

For a website on sleep that is widely read and loved, we have our team to be grateful for. Every member of our team ensures that the content and pictures posted on the website meet the highest journalistic standards. The information is continuously updated and completely trustworthy. 

Everyone from the chief editor to our contributing writers is full-timer with the company and is as passionate about sleep studies and helping people sleep well. 

Weekly date with the experts

Every week we endeavor to bring in an expert who helps bring a lot of information and expertise. Because our core value is to help people, we make sure that our patrons and readers leave us questions that can be answered by our expert that week. We take research very seriously, and that is why all the information is scientifically supported.

Contact us

If you think you want to know anything related to sleep, please call us on the numbers below or shoot an email to us. Have a question to ask our experts? Please write your question on the subject line of the mail and shoot it to our email address given at the bottom of the screen. 

Want to write for us? We’d love to have you on board. Please send us a small introduction about you and why you are passionate about helping other people with sleep problems.